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Osnove jedrenja

Last Minute 2014.

  • Last minute basic course - 415 eur
  • Last minute 3-days programme introduction in the sailing
    - 275 eur
    - from sunday till tuesday or from wednesday till friday
    - arrival day before
  • This offer excludes all existing actions and discounts
  • For all dates till the end of the season 08.11.2014.
  • Registrations only via e-mail and contact telephones

How do I start? I want to be skipper!

How to learn and gain experience?

How to gain RYA certificate?

Reading recommendation - Sailosophy

SailosophyIt is our pleasure to present to you a sailing blog on English and Croatian started by our associate and soon to be instructor Tomislav Bradić - When Tomislav appeared in ANA last year we weren’t quite sure what was his story. But, after a year of successful and close cooperation, we are more than sure that he has some very good stories to tell. As he himself says, we in ANA accepted him as one of our own, so it isn't surprising that the majority of experts in blog's expert team, are ANA's instructors. Why he started sailing and why he came to ANA at all you can read in his first post – I sail, therefore I am. Find out how he 'survived' our skipper course, and read what kind of the Japanese connection he found in ANA.

ANA Lighthouse Adventure with Jurica Gašpar

We are publishing our online brochure – an album of photos and texts created during the first course (September 29-October 4, 2013) of the ‘ANA Lighthouse Adventure with Jurica Gašpar’. We are also presenting the project of sailing, filming, and producing written, photo, and film material on the phenomenon of lighthouses on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. ANA is the nautical sponsor, and in collaboration with Prof. Jurica Gašpar, the conductor of the project.
Open our brochure and look into the fascinating world of lighthouses!

Watch the video trailer, by Igor Goić.

TipTravel Magazine

We would like to draw your attention to ANA cover story in TipTravel tourism and travel on line magazine. We are honored as in their September issue about Murter island, ANA story dominate represented on 10 pages. Content and production high quality shows professionalism and enthusiasm of TipTravel authors.

Near to airports with low coast air carriers

If you are arriving by plane, you can choose between two airports: Zemunik ( Zadar ) or Resnik ( Split ).
In airport Zadar you can find the following low cost flights: Ryanair, Germanwings, Intersky, Euralot, Danubewings
Ryanair destinations: Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm, Liverpool, London, Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg
Germanwings destinations: Koln, Stuttgart
Intersky destinations: Zurich, Freidichshafen
Euralot destinations: Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan
Danubewings destinations: Bratislava
In airport Split you can find low cost flights from Eurojet
Eurojet destinations: Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Bristol, London, Milano, Pariz, Rim

From airport to our school base we can offer you our transport or you can take the bus. Regarding bus schedule you can feel free to contact us, and we will gladly help you.On the following two links   and you can find low cost flights from almost all European city's towards our sailing school on Island Murter!

RYA Sailing Courses with A.N.A.- Adriatic Nautical Academy in Croatia

If you are an experienced sailor or just a novice to the sport just one look at Adriatic Sea and Croatian coastline with hundreds of island, bays, harbours and secluded coves is something you can only dream of. With pleasant Mediteranean climate and a variety of winds it is a sailors paradise.

Narrowing down your sailing area you will find that Central Adriatic Dalmatian coast and islands offer the best. Google it, zoom it out, or get your Nautical charts and Almanachs there is no place on the coast as island of Murter and its best and most picturesque harbour of Jezera.

Jezera is the birthplace of A.N.A. – Adriatic Nautical Academy which over 23 years is operating as only proper sailing school with dedication to teach, improve and qualify people with interest in sailing either as a hobby or competitive and professional use.

With its fleet of specially adapted and equipped boats and experienced instructors A.N.A. is the first Croatian Sailing School which have recognition as RYA Training Centre. Modern and well equipped classroom gives students hands on experience on ropes and knots, chartwork, navigation books and VHF/DSC Radio equipment.

RYA Inspection, which is carried out on regular basis, ensures that the highest standards in sailing, safety, education and qualifications are maintained.

We are proud to say that over 700 students yearly take sailing courses at our school and come back year after year for more education, training and experience.

Our former students are today happy Skippers, highly competitive and medal winning sailors or just pleasure sailors.

RYA training is here to give you the best education and experience, and A.N.A. will make the best out of you.

Do Not Miss It.

Capt. T. Trnovski A.N.A./RYA-RTC Principal


Indian summer sailing with ANA at better prices

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Indian summer and warm autumn in Dalmatia and sail a sailboat!
Autumn is the time of year when the summer crowd of tourists and charter boats sailing under all flags in the waters calms again, and sails on the horizon and the deep sounds of the motors of fishing boats improve the idyllic picture of the Mediterranean. Autumn is the time of year when the summer heat is replaced by warm and pleasant days and cooler nights, with constant winds, without surprise summer storms. The sea warmed in the previous months by the hot summer sun ensures pleasant swimming to late October. 

Group sailing - Indian Summer 2014

Gather your friends, get together a group of
4-6 people, and spend a week on a sailboat with ANA Nautical Academy! New and affordable prices!

Sailing for Women - Indian Summer 2014

After finishing school, you found a good job. You want to work hard and prove yourself, you speak several languages, you have all the computer knowledge of the world at your fingertips, your resume is polished to the finest details, but you need a new challenge. We have a suggestion for you! Spend a few days on a sailboat with ANA nautical academy!

Design your own holidays - FAMILY SAILING 2014

The summer is approaching fast and it's that time of the year when everybody gets busy with the planning. We suggest - chose one of our courses! Spend your best holidays ever, with new experiences and knowledge, staying on the boat and sailing, immersing yourself into a magic of natural and historical environment of this part of Mediterranean together with your friends and colleagues form all over the world. FAMILY SAILING - learn and sail with your family members, and the course is FREE for your children (aged 10 to 16).

Discount on ANA's programs during the FIFA World Cup

In celebration of the World Cup in Brazil, we have decided that football and sailing go together, and we are offering a special 12% discount on our courses. Enjoy sailing, and after your course, cheer on your team with the other crew members. Women's crews get an additional discount!

ANA training programme

For more than 25 years ANA is successfully passing our tradition and knowledge to new generations of young sailing enthusiasts, coming to us from more than 35 countries.
The secret behind our success, apart of being located in beautiful surrounding between two National parks, is our strategy of gradually delivering high quality professional training to keep our participants motivated and engaged throughout our courses, but also offering them a variety of courses to choose from. Which ever path you choose, your life will get enriched not only by technical sailing knowledge and skills but also, but also in natural and traditional values our environment has to offer.

ANA TeamBuilding Programme

Team Building is a philosophy of work organization in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers. It has become a synonym for boosting team spirit and developing better interpersonal relations and cooperation within the company, with the aim of achieving higher productivity and excellence...

Artists on a Gourmet course

ANA base manager, Živko Matutinović, isn't only able seaman, but also a true connoisseur of the art of cooking. Therefore we have a Gourmet course on which you can learn and enjoy in cooking skills as well as in sailing skills. And when Živko's art combines with the one of Slovenian academic painter, illustrator and author of children books, Jelka Godec Schmidt, the result is a unique and illustrated log book about one very special gourmet course.