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Extended sailing skills and navigation

Meet the wind, sails and the sea

Regatta course - ragatta to Vis

On Sunday we have completed the first regatta course of the three planned by the end of the year. Regatta course has ended with participation in “72. regatta Vis” in Split.
Our dear participants Sabrina, Romano, Robi and Vedran with instructor Živko ended in their group overall on the third place and brought the trophy back to Jezera. Given that all of the participants are for the first time in a regatta except Živko, that the first day of navigation regatta from Split to Vis they sailed on hard south wind where the sails and masts were broken, and that they finished the day one of the regatta on the first place - says enough about their success. Congratulations team - regatta course done by the book.

By the end of the year we have in the program two more regatta courses:
1. Course and regatta Jabuka 08.11.-13.11.2016.
2. Course and regatta Šibenik 30.11.-04.12.2016.
Application for the courses are open!

One day in ANA sailing school

If you want to know what it's like one day in ANA sailing school please look at the link, recorded by our dear student from Finland - Anttimatti Pennanen.

ANA training programme

For more than 27 years ANA is successfully passing our tradition and knowledge to new generations of young sailing enthusiasts, coming to us from more than 35 countries...

Near to airports with low coast air carriers

If you are arriving by plane, you can choose between two airports: Zemunik ( Zadar ) or Resnik ( Split ).

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