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Advanced sailing

Meet the wind, sails and the sea

2016 Season opening

A little time is left until the start of the new sailing season in ANA.
In addition to our standard basic sailing school programs, we also offer additional programs to collect nautical miles and more sailing experience. This year we offer a new additional program called "The ramparts of the Adriatic".

It is hard to imagine how the Adriatic coast is rich with tamed islands and safe bays… Due to that, it has been a frequent target of great ancient powers. Throughout the centuries, the maritime forces won, and then  protected  the  conquered.  Traces  of  these  walls  that  were  defending  them  from  new  invaders  are mute witnesses of all that energy that has been invested in this region for centuries. On this trip we will visit some of these artifacts to feel the importance of their existence. Maybe these walls were there just to protect the safe navigation; such as the fortress of St. Nicholas at the entrance to the channel St. Ante in front of Sibenik, or just for marking territory as on Palagruza. On Lastovo, walls were helping the military to control the navigation on this part of the Adriatic sea…. Vis barracks witnessed great battles. The ramparts of the Adriatic marked the military presence of the naval forces in many ways... Let's start the adventure and explore them all....
Introductory  lecture  "The  ramparts  of  the  Adriatic"  will  be  held  by  prof.  Mithad  Kozličić,  Ph.D.,  prominent  maritime  historian,  history  of  cartography  and  historical  geography,   on  Saturday, 05.14.2016. from 4 till 6 pm at ANA premises.

Let's sail in to Adriatic history!

Date: 14.-20.05.2016.
Instructor: Vlatko Ignatoski
Price: 809 EUR

ANA - proud sponsor of the Easter Regatta

Sport and sports events have always been that what is Croatia particularly proud of .One of the major sport events, which this year marks its 20th edition, is the Easter Regatta. It is the largest several day regatta, which is held since 1997. and each year brings together the best domestic and foreign sailors.
ANA is proud to participate in the organization of the Easter Regatta and thus contribute to the strengthening of sports and culture. We are especially happy and gratifying that many
competitors of Easter Regatta are achieving great results, and many of them are former and current students of our sailing school.

Short sailing programs

For those who dont have too much free time, but still can 
spare three days for sailing, we offer this season our short 
sailing programs as well.....

One day in ANA sailing school

 If you want to know what it's like one day in ANA sailing school please look at the link, recorded by our dear student from Finland - Anttimatti Pennanen.

How do I start? I want to be skipper!

ANA training programme

For more than 27 years ANA is successfully passing our tradition and knowledge to new generations of young sailing enthusiasts, coming to us from more than 35 countries...