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Basics of sailing

Meet the wind, sails and the sea

One day in ANA sailing school

If you want to know what it's like one day in ANA sailing school please look at the link, recorded by our dear student from Finland - Anttimatti Pennanen.

Cruising "Coast of our grandchildren"

"Coast of our grandchildren" is association led by our instructor Vlatko Ignatovski, among other things also records Adriatic coast. In addition to the cruise and sailing skills training, participants of this course will have a unique opportunity to attend the filming of the coast for few hours a day.   Members of the association have been doing this during the past 6 years. With a speed of 8 knots, 200 feet of the shore,  the view of the islands will be filmed in HD resolution. Everything that has been recorded so far can be seen at . The coast is recorded from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.
The rest of the time participants will sail to the recording positions, and toward to the night anchoring. In case of unfavorable weather conditions (big waves, etc.), participants will enjoy in sailing only. The plan is to sail and record National park Kornati, Jabuka island and the Middle Channel (full of small picturesque islands which are not recorded so far). Each participant becomes a missionary and his name will be written with the other 125 missionaries who were present during the last filming events. Besides recording and sailing, the students will practice the spinnaker skills, night and terrestrial navigation, and the use of GPS.
Period:   on request
Price:     769 EUR
The price includes:        
Program execution, accommodation on board, fuel,, tourist tax,  VAT.
Additional costs:        
Meals for the student (and the instructor in cruise programs), other marinas fees, accommodation on the land, arrival and departure costs, parking fee.      

How do I start? I want to be skipper!

How to learn and gain experience?

How to gain RYA certificate?

Regatta courses in ANA

For the end of the season, ANA is going to offer regatta courses. 
Being the fastest one is always a great feeling...

ANA training programme

For more than 25 years ANA is successfully passing our tradition and knowledge to new generations of young sailing enthusiasts, coming to us from more than 35 countries.
The secret behind our success, apart of being located in beautiful surrounding between two National parks, is our strategy of gradually delivering high quality professional training to keep our participants motivated and engaged throughout our courses, but also offering them a variety of courses to choose from. Which ever path you choose, your life will get enriched not only by technical sailing knowledge and skills but also, but also in natural and traditional values our environment has to offer.

Near to airports with low coast air carriers

If you are arriving by plane, you can choose between two airports: Zemunik ( Zadar ) or Resnik ( Split ).

Reading recommendation - Sailosophy

SailosophyIt is our pleasure to present to you a sailing blog on English and Croatian started by our associate and soon to be instructor Tomislav Bradić -