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Advanced sailing

Meet the wind, sails and the sea

Carnival begins...

Sail into the carnival fairy tale in ANA  and your mask can take you to the great discounts!

Send us photos of your mask and compete for the grand prize - unique 50% discount! *
All other masks get - discount of 130 EUR.*

Send us your photos by February 10th 2016. to The most imaginative, most original and funniest mask will be selected and posted on ANA Facebook page on February 11th 2016. The discount of 130 EUR will be granted upon receiving your photo and payment of the reservation.

* The discount is applicable to all ANA programs in the season 2016, except RYA, short and one-day programs.

First minute sailing


In the most beautiful month of the year, when we all are in a good mood and smiling, regardless of winter that knocks on the door .... Does your thoughts wonder of to some distant offshore horizons? Do you already dream about the turquoise sea, some other shores, wind and tranquility which can be found in sailing?

Make sure now that these sailing thoughts become real in the New Year. We bring you the FIRST MINUTE offer for season 2016!
16% discount for reservation till 31.01.2016.
      - promo code FM16 *
We hope you find something interesting for you in our offer, and to sail into the New Year with this gift.
* offer excludes one-day, short and RYA programs.

How do I start? I want to be skipper!

How to learn and gain experience?

How to gain RYA certificate?

One day in ANA sailing school

 If you want to know what it's like one day in ANA sailing school please look at the link, recorded by our dear student from Finland - Anttimatti Pennanen.

ANA training programme

For more than 25 years ANA is successfully passing our tradition and knowledge to new generations of young sailing enthusiasts, coming to us from more than 35 countries.
The secret behind our success, apart of being located in beautiful surrounding between two National parks, is our strategy of gradually delivering high quality professional training to keep our participants motivated and engaged throughout our courses, but also offering them a variety of courses to choose from. Which ever path you choose, your life will get enriched not only by technical sailing knowledge and skills but also, but also in natural and traditional values our environment has to offer.

Near to airports with low coast air carriers

If you are arriving by plane, you can choose between two airports: Zemunik ( Zadar ) or Resnik ( Split ).

Artists on a Gourmet course

ANA base manager, Živko Matutinović, isn't only able seaman, but also a true connoisseur of the art of cooking. Therefore we have a Gourmet course on which you can learn and enjoy in cooking skills as well as in sailing skills. And when Živko's art combines with the one of Slovenian academic painter, illustrator and author of children books, Jelka Godec Schmidt, the result is a unique and illustrated log book about one very special gourmet course.